Black Women Removed From Wine Train Ride For Being Loud – Claim Racism

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Our take: I’m a few days late to this one but didn’t want it to go by without comment. So, after three requests to reduce their volume levels, these ladies were escorted off the train. Based on their humiliation as reported in the story, they feel they were victims of racism and demanded (and received) an apology from the train operators. Supposedly, all of the ladies were professionals. The ladies were clearly in the wrong for continuing to be disruptive after many attempts to ask them to adjust their behavior. The power of the anti-racism social justice warriors is great within today’s culture so once the ‘racism’ word was used, it is not surprising how quickly the business back-peddled…even providing them with a full refund. Unfortunately, this power has given many in the black community the sense of invincibility, as if they can behave any kind of way they want and NO ONE better complain or else – RACISM. This is sad as it cheapens the real incidences of racism that occur.

However, I think race, class, and culture did play a part in this story in the sense that there are different behavior norms in different situations. In many cultures and backgrounds, having a good time means being loud. In that closed train car setting, the ladies probably couldn’t understand what the problem was and naturally assumed it must be racism. Still, after three requests to be more respectful to other paying customers on the train, their continued loudness showed they were giving the middle finger of entitlement to all around. True justice means if you act a certain way that impacts the happiness of others, you get treated a certain way, no matter what race you are.


White Supremacy/ Hate – Seeing the early comments on this one and these MWs came out in full force. I love those news stories which seem to give permission for the inner bigot to come out. So you will likely see lots of comments about how black people are always loud and not following the rules of civilized societies and the like. You will have many MWs sharing their tales of grief in movie theaters and restaurants. The truth of the matter is though is that people from lower economic situations are louder in general, no matter race. And it is just more likely that a white person from a middle class background will have an interaction with a black person from a lower class background than the other way around. If you go to a football game or a frat party or country concert you will see that white people can also be loud and hold nothing back. Also, even if you go to a movie theater and one black person is being loud, there will be 50 who aren’t. But once you become an MW you tend to ignore all observations except those which fit your narrative.

Feminists – Women aren’t allowed to be loud but men are. MWs might not be very strong but some might make an argument. Nonetheless, there is no evidence here that these could have been men and still would have been removed.

Blacks As Victims of Racism – The MWs and their media champions have run away with this story. Forget the facts of the situation, it simply fits the narrative too well of discrimination and victimization. Professional black women trying to enjoy themselves ‘kicked off’ the train. According to the MWs in this group, being black alone means there can never be any complaints or expectations of behavior or else.