This is the launch day for WHIRLSTAR (a more intelligent and positive take on that other popular racism baiting site). On this tiny spec of the internet, my goal is to

  1. fight against accepted bigotry and intolerance
  2. warn against Movement Warriors (sometimes referred to as Social Justice Warriors) who use extreme news events and media to recruit and secure members to their ‘Us vs Them’ agendas using online tools
  3. provide a hub of reason and logic within the battlefields of the online culture wars
  4. highlight and celebrate those individuals and events which counteract the agendas of the Movement Warriors

Here are some typical examples of how Movement Warriors work:

The Black Lives Matter Movement Warrior

A black teen holds a gun up to a white police officer and is promptly killed by that officer. This MW expresses outrage all over social media as this story pushes the ‘white cops want to kill innocent black black men’ agenda, ignoring all facts of the situation.  Demands riots, protests, and might even advocate negative actions towards law enforcement.

The White Supremacist Movement Warrior

A video is posted online of a group of black teens beating up a white train passenger. This MW then complains about how whites everywhere are being attacked randomly, usually makes some comment connecting it to Obama for extra points. Other white commentators join in what in reality was an isolated incident has now been bumped up to a national epidemic of black on white crime (despite the fact that more black vs black and white vs white crime occurs each day than any other kind).

The anti-LGBT Movement Warrior

A television show introduces a gay character. The anti-LGBT MW complains about the end of family values on social media and how Hollywood is forcing the ‘gay agenda’ on the American people.

The LGBT Movement Warrior

A baker in his own private bakery refuses to make a same sex wedding cake based on his personal religious convictions. This MW finds this to be outrageous and vents all over social media, as well as organizes round the clock protest of this private bakery until they go out of business.  Tolerance and acceptance is once again demonstrated by being intolerant and non-accepting.

As you can see, this is a site not interested in taking sides or pushing any agenda other than pointing out the flaws and hypocrisies of all the Movement Warriors currently flooding the cultural landscape. Movement Warriors use news and media to separate, create fear, and make us feel like victims. When bad stuff happens, we need to be outraged together instead of letting these manipulators take advantage to further their narrow-minded agendas.  Enjoy.